Are you thinking to be Self-employed. If yes, then join us. We provide different kinds of home based Online Business Trainings in Nepal. It is up to reach of each and every level of people who have at least basic Computer and Internet knowledge and determination to work. We do provide adequate training to candidate until he/she is perfect in the related trainings. This training contains different ideas of earning where you work independently. With the training provided if you want to start , you could even build your business or boost your efficiency and productivity of existing business. Students can also earn online without any investment. SabKura has wide ranges of training courses available. The more you work the more you earn.

If you are searching for Best IT Trainings In Nepal then you are at right place. Are you ready to move on or up in your career but can’t find the right opportunity? Maybe it’s time to invest in yourself. Taking advanced training classes and building your IT certification portfolio are two great ways to stand out in an IT crowd. These trainings courses offer technical training and certifications that can help you differentiate yourself from the herd while accelerating your career path to a better job with better pay. We provide the specific courses and certification training to support you in developing deeper knowledge in your chosen IT niche. For those of you looking to change direction to a different IT specialty, training classes and certifications make a great first step in developing different skill sets that may open new doors.

First of all you can decide if one of our many standard courses and IT training programmes will cover your training needs. These take place according to a fixed schedule in our professionally equipped training centres in Kathmandu, Neworad. Alternatively, the training can also take place on the customer’s premises. Customers can choose between standard courses or individually adapted courses and workshops.

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How to Earn Money Online in Nepal?

Following methods are the best Method and source of Online income in Nepal which we are going to teach you.

1. E-Commerce

2. Google Adsense

3. Facebook Instant Articles

4. Youtube Monetization

5. Affiliates Marketing

6. Google Admob

7. Ads Posting Task

8. Referral Program

SabKura Pvt. Ltd. Provides following Training and Services which you will learn to earn money Online.

1. Internet Security Tips

2. Website: WordPress website with .com domain & Unlimited Web Hosting for 1 year. We will Provide you wordpress website with .com domain, unlimited web hosting with SSL. You can order your website according to your requirement, we can provide you any kinds of website like News Portal, E-Commerce, Classified, Personal Blog, Company Blog or Business website  and teach you how to maintain it.

3. Google Admob and Android Apps

4. Referral Program

5. Ads Posting Task: We will teach how to do ads posting job on site provided by

6. Affiliates Marketing:  Affiliate marketing is also best way to earn mone online. So we will teach you how earn money with Affiliates Program.

7. Google Adsense: Google Adsense is the King of Ads Network so we will teach you about google adsense. The people who are doing well are earning more good money from google adsense. So hurry up and join us we will fully guide you how to earn big money form internet with the help of google adsense. Those people who want to earn money from your own website or blog with the help of adsense as well as other ads network can remember us.

8. Facebook Instant Articles: This is the new feature lunch by facebook. We will teach you how to earn money with this program.

9. YouTube Monetization: We will teach you how to monetize YouTube channel and earn revenue with your videos uploaded in your YouTube channel.

10. Online Payment Gateway Solution

11. International MasterCard: We will teach you how to get your own International Master Card with your own name printed on it. You can also use this card to boot your post on facebook.

12. Digital Marketing:

  • Social Media Marketing: In this section, we will teach how to create you Facebook business page, promote your website/referral/Affiliate link with the help of Facebook Friends, Facebook Group, Facebook Page, and increase your online earning.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization): SEO means search engine optimization which bring your website at the top of search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. You can learn On Page Seo to Increase your web traffic and Income in this topics.
  • Google Analytics

13. Online Advertising:

  • Facebook Boost
  • Google Adwords

14. Other: On Student Demand

15. One Year Support


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  •   Sandip Oli  : I am Earning Money From Online Sites learning From Located At NewRoad Kathmandu.
    I am Fully Satisfied With Sabkura Training. Thank You SabKura For Providing Me Such a Great Opportunities to earn money from Online by Sitting at my own sweet home.
  •   Sitaram  : I have connected with this sabkura by following on internet and i came to get an information about online job progremme and the person in the reception told me about the courses, what the sabkura is giving training and he convince me and i joined sabkura. i am continuing the training class, its useful for everybody. i hope for further class i will gain more knowledge about how earn money from internet.
  •   Prabesh Baniya  : Sabkura training is more useful for the unemployment personnel.
  •   Pujan Bhattarai  : Sabkura has been best platform for me to earn money by sitting at home. I joined sabkura six month ago and i have earn more money. My experience in sabkura is very good. I am now good in SEO Wordpress google adsense. I am earning money by applying knowledge that I learned in sabkura. I am pro member so that whenever new update comes I can learn it in free which is advantage of being pro member in sabkura. Thank you
  •   Dibae Darshan Khanal  : After joining I have been able to learn and earn plenty enough money.while working 3 hours a day I am able to earn Rs800- Rs.1000 daily. Sabkura has been supporting me from the first day of my enrollment. The student support is very good. I'm a student and I recommend students out there to join sabkura to enhance their skill and earn.
  •   Śímpľý Ámŕíťá  : My experience in sabkura is very good. I am earning money by applying knowledge that I learned in sabkura.i am continuing the training class, its useful for everybody.
  •   Rajan Lamichhane  : I have Joined Sabkura About Five Months ago . Firstly, i am Trained by staff of sabkura and then i am able to work different online work from internet at home. Thank You Sabkura
  •   Shyam Chaudhary Canxo  : i have joined sabkura befor one month ago .i am happy for this kind of trinnig so thanks to sabkura all staff.
  •   SUNIL MALI  : I feel happy to join sabkura as i learn lots of online business from sabkura. thank you sabkura...
  •   Banjade Poornima  : I feel happy to join sabkura as i learn lots of online business from Sabkura. is doing tremendous work in online business training so i would request all people who want to make money via home, office through online can contact sabkura.
  •   Pankaj Chaudhary  : I had joined sabkura for ten days and now i learnt much about online business from sabkura.Thank you sabkura for making me able to earn money online from home.and thanks to all stafs.
  •   Aasis Yba  : good..nice
  •   Anup Rana  : Sabkura has taught me to make money through online bussiness tranning .I am glad that i can take my class online too.If you want to make online money then do visit sabkura.
  •   Dibae Darshan Khanal  : Thanks to sabkura for letting me gain knowledge and earn from home doing online jobs. Sabkura has been great support for me since my enrollment. I am satisfied with the support and looking forward to learn and earn more. Watch my videos for earning proof.
  •   Aasis Yba  : ekdam dami xa..
  •   Anup Rana  : i am very thankful to sabkura that it taught me to earn online.Now i can earn nmoney from my home.
  •   Yogesh Limbu  : I learn many things about online jobs from I am very thank full to sabkura team.
  •   Aasis Yba  : ekdam dami xa
  •   Raju Tamang  : Hi, my name is Raju Moktan. I have been working in sabkura for 2 months. Upto now i have earned about Rs. 10,000. It is the organization which provide different opportunity to the one who want to work online. It provide different type of online training you can check it in the sabkura online training. In this orgainzation you can have proper guidlines and it provide one year of support to you after you take training from sabkura. They really provide good guidelines and proper support. So if you are interested in sabkura you can call in the above number and contact sabkura and join the sabkura.
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  •   Dambar Budhathoki  : I have Joined Sabkura About three Months ago . Firstly, i am Trained by staff of sabkura and then i am able to work different online work from internet at home. Thank You Sabkura.
  •   Om Giri  : I have hope earning from sabkura
  •   Nabin Rawat  : Hi i am Nabin Rawat From Salyan. Sabkura has been best platform for me to earn money by sitting at home.I am satisfied with the support and looking forward to learn and earn more.
  •   Shyam Ajay  : Hi i am Shyam Kumar Mandal From janakpur. Sabkura has been best platform for me to earn money by sitting at home.I am satisfied with the support and looking forward to learn and earn more.
  •   Om Giri  : Hi Namaste all friend. I am join online job and earning. Some time work easy online job many many earning. That is so welcome to you online job,
  •   Soan Angel  : Hello friends . I am Muna from kathmandu. I have joined Sabkura from last month . I am utilizing my free time and earning much more money from Sabkura and I am very happy. If you also want to join here you can click in
  •   Yathaartha Mhrzn  : Ramro xa
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